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Needle & syringe pack

Pack of 20 syringes and 40 needles preferred for intramuscular injections. One needle should be used for drawing oil from the container, than the oil is injected with another fresh needle. Using a completely fresh needle for injection reduces pain and lowers chance of contamination.

Needle & syringe pack by Generic Manufacturer

Total syringe(s) per one order unit:
20 syringe(s)
1 syringe holds:
5 mg
Total mg per one order unit:
100 mg
Total needle(s) per one order unit:
40 needle(s)
1 needle specification:
21G 1 1/2 (42 mm) ml
Total ml per one order unit:
840 ml
Active substance:
Manufacturer page: Needle & syringe pack

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