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Phospholipids 300 mg - Essentiale Forte N

Essentiale Forte N is a preparation of essential phospholipids. Essentiale Forte N normalizes the metabolism of lipids and proteins, improves the detoxification function of the liver, restores the cellular structure of the liver and retards the producing of conjuctive tissue.

Essentiale Forte N medications are indicated for the treatment of fatty degeneration of the liver, hepatitis (including toxic hepatitis, liver damage caused by medicines or alcohol abuse), cirrhosis of the liver, disturbances in liver function associated with different illnesses.

Phospholipids 300 mg - Essentiale Forte N by Sanofi

30 capsule(s), each capsule contains 300 mg of Essential Phospholipids

Total capsule(s) per one order unit:
30 capsule(s)
1 capsule contains:
300 mg
Total mg per one order unit:
9000 mg
Active substance:
Essential Phospholipids
Alternative names:
Phospholipids, Essential Phospholipids, EPL substance, Essentiale, Essentiale Forte, Essentiale Forte N, Essential N

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