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Testosterone Undecanoate 1000 mg - Nebido

Nebido - Testosterone Undecanoate by Bayer is used for treating symptoms of low testosterone in men whose testes do not produce enough testosterone. Nebido is a male sex hormone. It works by replacing or supplementing the testosterone that is naturally made in the body.

Normal dosage of Nebido is one 1000 mg injection injected slowly into the muscle of the buttock every 10-14 weeks. The testosterone is gradually released all the time from the reservoir into the bloodstream and is effective For a very long time. Exact dosage and schedule needs to be determined by the doctor.

Testosterone Undecanoate 1000 mg - Nebido by Bayer Schering Pharma AG

1 ampoule(s), each ampoule contains 4 mg of Testosterone Undecanoate

Total ampoule(s) per one order unit:
1 ampoule(s)
1 ampoule contains:
250 mg/ml
1 ampoule contains:
4 mg
Total ml per one order unit:
4 ml
Total mg per one order unit:
1000 mg
Active substance:
Testosterone Undecanoate
Alternative names:
Testosterone Undecanoate, Nebido, Testosterone Undecanoate Bayer, Testosterone Undecanoate Schering, Nebido Bayer, Nebido Schering

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